Bricker Lumber Co. LLC is a third-generation family-owned sawmill located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1957 on my grandfather’s farm, Bricker Lumber Co. continues to produce timeless, local values: providing quality wood products from timber harvested with sustainable forestry management practices, nurturing trust with one another, honoring past and future relationships, and acting fairly in our daily work. We purchase timber from local landowners and from state land timber sales here in Franklin County and the local surrounding areas.

Trusted. Sustainable. Local

We take the long-term view. Our legacy will be the future generations who thrive on renewable wood resources, just as our past two generations of family owners gave to us.


At Bricker Lumber Company you will get quality at a fair price from locally sourced logs. We sell mulch, sawdust, slabwood, wood chips and also provide custom sawmilling and custom lumber orders.

We sell raw materials. Our buyers are responsible for their intended uses and grading.

Multiple species available, from oaks, poplar, maple, beech, hickory, locust, cherry, walnut, pine, and more.

All natural, double ground bark mulch with no dyes.

Bulk sawdust is an environmentally friendly and economical animal bedding solution for horse stables, farms, dairies, and other livestock operations.

Our hardwood slabs are cut to an average 16-inch length. Slabs are the rounded edge of the log, cut off first to make square timber.

Our wood chips are produced by taking edgings (containing no bark) and running them through a chipper. This material varies in sizes and generally average approximately one square inch. The woodchips are ideal for ground covering, walking paths, playgrounds, and other areas where a layer of wood covering is desired.

With our circular sawmill, we can produce rough cut boards, planks, posts, or other sized lumber.

We also inventory a selection of lumber grades and dimensions.

We sell directly to local woodworkers, cabinet shops, furniture makers, and flooring companies.


We are hands-on in every aspect of our business, providing you with trusted, personal service you depend on.


Custom Sawing

We saw your logs into lumber, specific to your order.


Logging & Land Clearing

Bricker Lumber Company is always buying standing timber to supply logs for our local sawmill. If you own 5 or more acres of merchantable timber, we would be happy to give you an estimate on the value of your timber. You may call or text Robert Bricker at (717) 372-4914 to discuss a time to evaluate your timber and options.

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