Logging & Land Clearing

We can help you achieve your objectives and goals in regards to your timberland.

Bricker Lumber Company is proud to provide timber harvesting for landowners within a 60-mile radius of our mill in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. We strive to manage our forests and environment wisely for future generations to enjoy. We use fully mechanized equipment and the best forestry techniques available.


  • Select Cutting
  • Landowner Specific
  • Clear Cutting
  • Habitat - Wildlife
  • Food Plot Opening

Buying Timber

We buy standing timber of all species. Our premise is simple: make sound decisions to provide wood products our economy needs and protect the environment and health of our forests for future generations.

Renewable Resource

Trees are a renewable resource and reforestation is a sustainable process that takes place naturally. We harvest timber, which helps you manage your woodland.

Regeneration with Nature

Nearly every forest in our surrounding area has been harvested in the past – most several times and yet maintaining their forested condition. As older trees are removed, the openings in the forest cause soil disturbance and increase sunlight. This assists in seed germination and stimulated new growth as young, healthy trees thrive.

Removal and management

Trees are directionally felled using chain saws and wedges, with stumps cut low to the ground.

Each tree is skidded from the woods to a log loading area and then cut, loaded on a triaxle truck, and hauled to the mill.

Some tracts require site work for the haul roads, loading areas, or stream crossings – all done with planning and care.

Responsible Management

We work with private landowners within a 60-mile radius of our mill in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

We can meet with you to discuss harvesting options and your objectives. Please contact us - call or text us at (717) 372-4914 and we would be happy to arrange an appointment convenient for you.

Reputation that counts

We have earned our reputation over many years – and have the successful track record to prove it.

Forestry & Timber Sales

Our experience can be a resource for you as you manage your property, obtaining enjoyment, benefits, income, and satisfaction from your woodland.

With our trusted experience with timber, we are transparent and honest about the factors that we consider when offering a price for your timber. These factors are often.

  • Species
    • Some species of trees are more valuable than others.
  • Size
    • The Value of an individual tree is often proportional to its size.
  • Quality
    • Quality will determine if a tree can be converted to lower value pallet lumber or a higher value veneer or sawlogs.
  • Volume
    • The more volume there is to be harvested, greater opportunity to reduce our logging costs.
  • Market conditions
    • The demand for wood products fluctuates with general economic conditions, so timing of a sale can impact the value of your timber.

with bricker lumber company we

  • Are happy to walk through your woodlot
  • Buy timberland
  • Have SFI trained loggers