All natural, double ground bark mulch with no dyes.

$18 per yard


Bulk sawdust is an environmentally friendly and economical animal bedding solution for horse stables, farms, dairies, and other livestock operations.

$30 pickup truck load


Our hardwood slabs have an average length of 16 inches. Slabs are the rounded edge of the log that are cut off first to make the timber square.

$35 pickup truck load


Our wood chips are produced by taking edgings (containing no bark) and running them through a chipper. This material varies in sizes and generally average approximately one square inch. The woodchips are ideal for ground covering, walking paths, playgrounds, and other areas where a layer of wood covering is desired.

$14 per yard

Custom Lumber Orders

With our circular sawmill, we can produce rough cut boards, planks, posts, or other sized lumber. We also inventory a selection of lumber grades and dimensions. We sell directly to local woodworkers, cabinet shops, furniture makers, and flooring companies.

Kiln Dried Lumber

We offer kiln dried lumber using a combination of nature and our advanced 9,000 board feet kiln. Check out our kiln drying process by clicking the button below.

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