We offer kiln drying and kiln dried lumber using our advanced 9,000 board feet kiln.

Kiln drying is the process of removing unwanted moisture from freshly cut wood. Wood with a low moisture content will tend not bend, warp, or kick during machining.

How it works

In order to produce the best product for you, we allow nature to dry our lumber slowly down to a 15% moisture content. After this time period, we then transfer the lumber into the kiln to be dried down to 6% – 10% moisture content. After this process, the lumber is then ready for you to use in whatever project you have in mind for it.


How long can drying take?

The natural drying of lumber to a 15% moisture content can take anywhere between two to six months. After natural drying the lumber is ready to be kiln-dried, which takes a few weeks.

Interested in Custom Sawing?

We offer custom sawing for customers that need logs cut into boards.

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