Do you have any logs you would like milled?

If you have logs that you would like to have milled into usable lumber, you can bring those logs to us and we can help you with your project. We will mill your logs into the size of lumber that works for you.


I have a tree that I want sawn into boards. Will your sawmill cut it?

Yes, we do custom sawing. Bring us your logs and we’ll cut them for you.

What kind of wood do you sell?

We sell species that are native to our local area in the Appalachian region. Readily available woods include red oak, white oak, poplar, birch, maple, ash, cherry, pine and black walnut. We also have a limited supply of sycamore, sassafras, elm, black locust, hemlock and catalpa. Additionally, we have an extensive list of exotic woods to choose from.

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What size wood do you sell?

We cut green lumber to dimensions needed for your project.

We do Kiln Drying

If you prefer to have your custom sawed lumber kiln dried, we can help you with that as well.

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